ZGA: ZGAmoniums

released January 1, 1991 ReR ZGACD RerMegacorp,UK/USA

Total playing time: 75 minutes. 
Recorded and mixed 1990–1991 at «Showimpex» Studio, Riga, Latvia by Juris Moritz. 

  • Nick Soudnick: Clarinet, Sax, Ring modulator, Keyboard, Iron objects, Percussion, Voice. 
  • Alexander Zhilin: Bass, Percussion, Iron objects, Voice. 
  • Vadim Petrenko: Guitar, Fiddlesticks, Electroshaver, Voice. 
  • Mikhail Yudenich: Drums, Percussion, Voice. 

ZGA: Zgamoniums 
Sound bites from “real” and electrified scrapyard instruments; 
an indescribable and incomparable group who have succeeded both in defying genre 
and creating radically new sounds. 
/Chris Cutler

all rights reserved


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